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Window cleaning services in Warwickshire

Window cleaning solutions

Sparkling windows are a great advert for your business. But keeping them perfectly clean can be laborious. If your premises are near a main road, or on an industrial estate, pollution can quickly lead to a build-up of dirt on your glass. We only use hands-on methods which ensure your frames are cleaned too.


Call your local professional window cleaners, First Direct. We can clean your windows on a weekly or monthly basis or any frequency to suit your requirements. Whether you have 10 windows, or 110, we'll be happy to help.

Shop windows

When your windows are clean, customers will be more likely to want to look into them. We can help you attract more customers with our window cleaning service. We can also clean your glassware and display cabinets. Call us for a free quote.

Have sparkling:

 •  Office windows

 •  High level windows

 •  Shop windows

 •  Glazing

High level cleaning

Do you have high level windows, in need of an exceptional quality clean? We are experts in high level cleaning, from windows to rooflines. Our expert operators use hydraulic hoists to clean windows up to 80 feet in the air. The hoist is also available for hire, call us to find out more.