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Clean offices

and healthier premises

Safe and tidy office spaces

Absenteeism through illness or injury is costing your business money. Have you ever thought that your office space itself may be contributing to the problem? A tidier workplace is cleaner and safer, free from tripping hazards and allergens.


First Direct have been experts in office cleaning for over a decade; call us today to find out how we can help you. When your office is immaculately clean, your staff will feel happier and be more motivated.

Impress your visitors

Are you expecting important clients? When they walk into your reception, and see everything is clean and in good repair, they'll know that they're dealing with a company they can trust.

Total cleaning

 •  Floor cleaning

 •  Desk spaces

 •  Patios

 •  Smoking areas

Cleaning your hard landscapes

Your office interiors are clean and neat, but is the exterior letting you down? First impressions count. Smoking areas can be the first place that visitors see, and are often full of litter and discarded cigarette butts. Our cleaners will give you clean smoking areas, patios and car parks.